What Land Is Best For Ground Mounted Solar PV?

General Land Requirements

Topography Рgenerally the land should be fairly level, not bog, waterlogged or prone to flooding, with reasonably firm ground conditions.

Good Access – this is required for construction and ongoing operational access once the installation is complete.

Ownership Рthe land should be in single ownership and not be rented from a 3rd party and not affected by any agricultural holdings / tenancy acts.

Land Grade – the land should be ‘poor quality’ i.e. not grade 1 or 2

The land should not be in any areas of outstanding natural beauty or of historic local relevance. An environmental and sustainability assessment may need to be undertaken.

Where land rental is the preferred option lease will be required for at least 20 years though 25 years is preferable and would need early consents from the land owner or agent to move things forward.

Generation Installation

Land Availability - approximately 1 acre will provide enough area for 170kVA of solar generation.

Grid Connection – the connection back onto the electricity grid is also a major factor in the potential size of a solar farm in that the ‘available’ network can limit the potential export capacity. The connection type should be three phase and can be identified on overhead lines by 3 wire arrangements, ideal connection infrastructure could look like these photographs below:

Typical 11,000v overhead line @ 3MW dependant on electricity companies circuit operating parameters – (note the single disc insulators)

Typical 33,000v overhead line construction connection 3MW and above – (note the 3 disc insulators and the post support between the insulator discs)

Infrastructure Availability – local energy infrastructure would have to be identified but any sites which have nearby 11,000/33,000v cable infrastructure / power lines may prove to be beneficial in connecting into the grid. If however, the location of the connection into the grid is a distance from the proposed site it will add cost to the project.

Planning – as always planning is key on all large scale solar PV sites so it can be beneficial to get the local environmental group and community on board at an early stage through the Parish Council.

Further Information

If you require further information regarding large scale solar generation or have a query regarding any of the above please call us at our office on +44 (0)8444 127057 or via our contact forms on this website.


Download this document here: Land for Ground Mounted solar PV

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