Our Grid Connection Services

To qualify for the various incentives for renewable and low carbon technologies, e.g.,  Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Obligation Certificates, the associated technologies must be connected to the electricity distribution network or grid as most people know it.

Obtaining secure grid connections at 11kV and 33kV is a complex process that requires the submission of a diverse range technical information relevant Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) network (e.g. not all DNO’s deal with the connection requests in the same way).

We have a wealth of experience in obtaining both technically and financially viable connections to the electricity network for large scale renewable energy developers, funders and for our own projects.

Grid Connection Services

Project Feasibility

We can undertake detailed assessment of the technical and cost to connect review at the earliest stage of the project, to identify the optimal point of connection strategy and most cost-effective option for connecting to the network. Providing you with a view of potential connection options and costs, which will help you make that “Go/No Go” decision and/or enable you to modify your plans, if necessary

Submitting G59 Application

We prepare and submit the application and all documentation to the DNO on your behalf. We have unique understanding of DNO’s requirements and will get it right first time; minimising your costs, risks and process management burden

Technical and Financial Review

Once the application has submitted and the DNO has all required information, they will provided you with the cost for connection to the grid. The cost of connection could be higher or lower depending on the level of reinforcement work that the DNO has to undertake on the network. Drawing on our experience and industry knowledge we are able to undertake a technical and financial assessment of DNO’s offer and identify if there are opportunities to reduce the costs to connect.

Project Management

We can act as the point of contact for the DNO during the construction phase of the grid connection, and can manage all associated activities and engagement on your behalf. This will include liaising with the DNO to ensure timely completion, providing them with any further information that they need and checking to ensure that the connection is completed to their standards

Compliance Checks

To complete the connection process, various compliance checks have to be undertaken, and documentation provided to the DNO. We are familiar with these requirements and processes to ensure that you have the necessary approvals to export to the grid.