G59 submissions

We can help you with your G59 application, no matter what generation technology you plan to install.

Green Energy Networks are experts in dealing with all types of G59 Generation connection applications across all the different Distribution Network Operators (DNO) in the UK.

Our team have wide experience of ensuring that the application we submit on your behalf is right first time and contains all the relevant technical information and specifications for the local Distribution Network Operator to progress your application for a grid export connection in a timely manner.

Download a copy of the specific services we offer here: Renewable Energy Generation

If you are an energy generator, consultant, installer, land owner or investor we guarantee that we will be able to help you.

What does this mean?

1. Your application is progressed within the nationally agreed timescales.

2. You have certainty that your application is right first time and contains all the necessary information for the DNO to assess your application.

3. The G59 forms are completed containing exactly the information the DNO require.

4. Any on going application that you have that has stalled in the process can be picked up quickly by our team of experts.

5. We will work with your installers to make sure they are aware of critical milestones and we ensure the DNO meets their obligations in line with your project timescales.

6. You know how much it’s going to cost you before we do any work – we have a standard pricing structure for outline quotations, standard G59 applications and additional data provision. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Contact our office to discuss your requirements or if you want to understand our pricing structure +44 (0)8444 127057 or via our website forms.

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