Landowners, Businesses and Commuities

Our company aim is to deliver large scale renewable energy projects and in doing so decentralised energy generation moving towards a much broader energy mix for the UK.

We provide completely independent advice to our customers and this is provided, more often than not completely free of charge. We do seek however, in these circumstance, to have the opportunity to build the projects where we have provided are initial feasibility services at no cost.

We understand the very well the energy challenges of our customers face and ensure that we have their interests at the heart of what we do, where we understand that:-

Landowners have ambitious targets to decarbonise their operations whilst reducing their overall energy cost burden and generate increased revenues. Renewable energy generation projects provide a significant step forward in meeting these targets to increase revenues and reduce costs; where the Landowner can seek to use additional revenues received through land rental and profit share to reinvest in on-site energy saving projects and initiatives.

Business are under pressure to reduce energy costs, increase revenues and demonstrate low carbon stewardship and therefore are seeking to take greater control of their own energy demands and supplier costs. There are quite often several options open to businesses to develop in on-site renewable energy generation for self-use and or export and these can often underpin existing strategies to become ever more energy self-sufficient and low carbon.

Communities want to become more energy self sufficient, where local renewable energy cooperatives movement is all about People Power, where more and more local groups have ambitious plans to develop, purchase and operate their own local low carbon renewable energy generation system. Local renewable energy offer many benefits and opportunities for communities and by having green energy available on the doorstep this helps to make communities less dependent on electricity from fossil fuels and plays an essential role in reducing carbon.