Land for Large Scale Renewable Energy

We are constantly having conversations with land owners, renewable technology installers, investors, manufacturers, commercial and domestic developers, green and brown field site owners who are genuinely interested in what options are available to them particularly around the emerging green economy but don’t want to waste excessive time and money.

Green Energy Networks can provide you with a feasibility study that can be turned around in short timescales and tailored to your specific interests.

All of our feasibility reports are at a fixed cost made clear to you ahead of us undertaking any work so it is transparent to you exactly how much you are spending and exactly what you are getting from us.

We can then, if the business case looks right, help you take your project to the next stage and if you wish we can support you through the entire project including on and off site construction.

Download a copy of the specific services we offer here: Renewable Energy Generation

As a result of these discussions we’ve put together these frequently asked questions which we hope help steer you in the direction you may wish to go or prompt you to contact us to discuss you options further:

Q: We own land and want to generate green energy – what are our options?

Your options all depend on the commercial model you wish to use – this will depend on a number of factors that include what is the most appropriate technology, what is your potential generation capacity, how much power do you want to use yourself and how much power do you want to export, do you want to pay for the installation yourself?

Q: We own land but don’t wish to pay for the installation of renewable technology – what are our options?

You still have a number of options available to you – there are organisations who are seeking suitable land to lease for a guaranteed return over a fixed time period. In many cases the land remains available to the owner to utilise but this depends on the technology chosen.

Q: I’ve found potential land to rent / purchase – what can you offer?

If you have identified potential land we can provide a quick review of its suitability based on a number of factors such as potential generation capacity, power network / grid capacity and the potential costs and revenues associated with installation. These feasibility studies can be turned around very quickly (in a maximum of 20 working days) avoiding unnecessary delay and avoiding unforeseen future costs to you.

Q: We’re looking for suitable land – can you help?

Yes – depending on your planned approach we can identify suitable land based on the technology you wish to utilise, or we can identify land and the most appropriate technology, the choice is yours. We can also deal with the landowner and any necessary consents for you.

Q: We own land but cannot get planning permission – can you help?

In a word, yes – let us review your submission and proposed commercial model. If you have land you own but are not planning on developing for e.g. residential or commercial property we can provide alternative options.

We appreciate that this list of FAQs is by no means exhaustive but we hope it gives you a flavour. If you wish to simply have a discussion about your options or how we can help you with your project(s) or help you utilise the land you have available please contact us at our office on +44 (0)8444 127057 or via our website contact form.

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