Green Energy Connections

Green Energy Networks has the expertise to get your green energy connected to the electricity grid / network:

Domestic and Commercial Retrofit (G83 & G59 Standards) / New Build / New Developments

We have significant experience in planning and managing connections to the electricity network and can facilitate the connection of your low carbon technologies on your behalf.

We provide both a fully outsourced service – where we undertake all aspects of connection process on your behalf; as well as bespoke service where we support you at specific stages of the connection process as per your requirements.

Our Fully Outsourced Connection Service:

Our fully outsourced connection service takes the hassle out of the connection process. We manage all aspects of the connection process from feasibility analysis to completion, including all interaction with the DNO and other stakeholders.

This frees up your time and resources to look after your core business matters, and with our experience, gives you the peace of mind that your renewable and low carbon technologies will be connected to time and at minimum costs.

Our Bespoke Connection Service:

In the event that you do not require us to take away all aspects of the connection process, we are still able to support you at specific stages of the grid connection process as below.

  • Feasibility analysis

We can undertake detailed assessment of the technical, practical (including desktop & field based survey) and cost aspects of the planned connection at an early stage of the project, to identifying the most  technically optimal and cost-effective option for connecting to the network.

This will provide you with a view of potential connection options and costs, which will help you make a better informed “Go/No Go” decision and/or enable you to modify your plans if necessary.

  • Submitting application to the DNO

We can prepare and submit the application and all documentation to the DNO on your behalf. We have unique understanding of DNO’s requirements and will get it right first time; thus minimising your costs, risks and administrative burden, and ensuring connection to your project timescales.

  • Interrogating the DNO offer and liaising/negotiating with the DNO as necessary

Once the application has submitted and the DNO has all required information, they will provided you with cost for connecting your technology to the grid. The cost of connection will depend on the level of reinforcement work that the DNO has to undertake on the network to accommodate your technology.

Drawing on our experience and industry knowledge, combined with our planning, designing and estimating expertise, we can interrogate the DNO’s offer and negotiate accordingly with them, to get you the minimum cost connection. This could include negotiating the contestable element of the connection and identifying alternate cable routes.

  • Project Management of the connection process

We can act as the point of contact for the DNO during the construction phase of the grid connection, and can manage all associated activities and engagement on your behalf.

This will include liaising with the DNO to ensure timely completion, provide them with any further information that they need and checking to ensure that the connection is completed to the highest construction standards.

  • Closing the loop and any compliance checks

To complete the connection process, various compliance checks have to be undertaken, and documentation provided to the DNO.

We are familiar with these requirements and processes and can complete them on your behalf to ensure that you get an MPAN number and have the necessary approvals to export to the grid and avail of incentives such as Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Obligation Certificates.

You will also know how much it’s going to cost you before we do any work – we have a standard pricing structure for outline applications, standard G83/G59 applications and additional data provision. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Download a copy of the specific services we offer here: Renewable Energy Generation or contact our office to discuss your requirements or if you want to understand our pricing structure +44 (0)8444 127057 or via our website forms.

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