Energy Management and Control

Introducing the SIGg: EMCA Device

Energy Management and Control Automation the missing piece of the energy jigsaw bringing affordable energy and carbon management to all. Low cost, web enabled, accurate real time data and control automation. innovative energy management and control.

Why not just use a SMART meter?

Current SMART Meters are simply a tool for remote read for the utility supplier. Meter readers will no longer be needed as the readings will be sent by mobile communications. More accurate trend data on consumed and generation use will be available but it will not be real time. Although it means no more estimated bills the roll out will not be complete until 2019 at the earliest and it will cost consumers via their utility bills.

SMART Meters are not energy control devices and they have no capability to interact with the local grid or your premises. You will not have real time access to the data the SMART meter provides and the data will remain the property of your utility provider.

The SIGg EMCA device is a cost effective solution or alternative with widespread application across all sectors.

The SIGg has been designed as a low cost alternative in energy management and control for commercial, industrial and residential sectors. It can be installed in new or retrofit in all electrical systems to current IEE Regulations in new or existing consumer units. This allows the consumer to manage and control their energy demand in real time.

The SIGg has an internal GPRS modem and GSM antenna and operates across the full range of industrial and commercial protocols. The SIGg has 3 configurable external input channels (pulse, digital or analogue) with MODBUS interface and is suitable for 80v/240v that allows multi channel communication – it’s innovation as smart as you need it.

SIGg enables real time information and control by:

  • Measuring normal day to day energy demand and that of low carbon generation
  • Web enables technology providing real time information on energy use and energy generation
  • Provides real time information in £’s and pence – tailored reporting to the customer
  • Accurate independent and approved readings to that of the energy suppliers

You can’t manage what you don’t measure – SIGg provides the ability to:

  • Derive standard reporting on energy trends and carbon footprint.
  • Combine the measurement and reporting of utilities
  • Future ready for Smart Grid interface, electric Vehicle Charging, Smart appliances and Energy Storage.
  • Enables cost and carbon savings for your home and business….you can’t manage what you don’t measure!


The SIGg is simple to install both in new build and non-invasive retrofit to existing buildings. It allows automated control of your energy data.The SIGg device:

  • Includes 16 / 100amp single, 3 phase options
  • Integrated within standard approved consumer unit or can stand-alone
  • MID approved meter, multi communication channels and platform with Ethernet, £G and GPRS
  • Measures out, performance and alerts for faults and system threshold levels
  • Real time demand and generation control
This innovative low cost energy management system is available now. it is fully approved use use in both domestic and commercial premises.