About GEN

“Thanks for taking a look at our website to find out about Green Energy Networks and how we may be able to help you” – Jim Allen (Managing Director).

In leading for a green energy future we are committed to decentralised energy generation where more of our electricity needs are provided through localised renewable energy systems.

Having worked for electricity distribution operators, energy and utility companies for many years we unrivalled experience in the connection of renewable energy generation to the grid. With our contacts and excellent working relationships with all the Distribution Network Operators across the UK, we have the ability to agree options and costs to connect on a level playing field with that of the DNO’s; where we are seen by them as being technically proficient and for having the most up to date understanding of electricity networks Policy, Standards and Regulation.

We believe that the best way for you to find out whether we can help you or not, is by picking up the phone and calling our office on +44 (0)1827 338036. However, if you prefer to send an email then please send it to either jim.allen@greenenergynetworks.co.uk or via our website contact us form.